What is the max speed I can run while using the TAILFIN system?

The TAILFIN System was designed for closed throttle applications such as trolling or cruising.

How do you control the throttle?

The TAILFIN can integrate with many aftermarket throttle controllers including iTroll, and Trollmaster.

Can I still steer manually with the TAILFIN System installed?

With the TAILFIN system installed, you cannot steer manually.  You will need to remove at least one end of the linkage arm to regain manual steering.

Can I trim my motor up with the TAILFIN system installed?

Yes, the TAILFIN system was designed to allow the motor to trim without disconnecting the system.  If your motor uses straps, ensure the motor is pointed straight forward before trimming.

How often do I need to perform maintenance?

It is recommended to clean and re-grease the actuator at least once a month during the season.  If you use the TAILFIN system heavily, increasing the frequency of cleanings is advised.

How do I change the remote batteries?

Removing the 4 small screws from the back of the remote will allow you to access the battery compartment.

Can I program multiple remotes to work at the same time?

Up to 3 remotes can be programmed to the TAILFIN system at one time.

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