Pro Tabs

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Improve fuel economy and passenger comfort with the Pro Tab electromechanical trim tabs system from Powrtran. Featuring electropolished stainless steel planes and low consumption, high speed, composite actuators, these tabs are built to last in the most demanding sea conditions.

The Pro Tabs have been specifically designed for easy installation using a quick connect bracket-actuator, requiring only one small hole per tab through the transom. The patented transom mounting bracket encapsulates the wiring to ensure protection against any wiring damage.

Each Tab Set comes with the Joystick Control and all necessary wiring.


  • Tab bracket with BALL JOINT (PATENTED)
  • AUTO-LINE UP: automatic flap re-alignment function
  • Hole hinge design (PATENTED) allows for precise retrofit replacement with Lenco® and Bennett® same size tabs
  • Stainless steel rod and tabs
  • The innovative profile of the tabs increases the efficiency of the system
  • Fully maintenance free
  • Waterproof: IP68 protection
  • CE Certification
  • Meets with the EN 60945 standards


What is the difference between the STANDARD tabs and the ELECTRPOLISHED tabs?

The standard tabs are a traditional flat tab with a brushed-finish.  They are designed for lower speed applications and are a budget-friendly alternative to the polished tabs.  The electropolished tabs feature our proven, bent-edge design which directs the water flow better and leads to improved performance in rough water and unmatched durability.


How are the tabs controlled?

The Pro Tabs utilize an innovative single-joystick control station.  The Joystick allows the user to control both tabs from a single location and the intuitive design allows the user to keep their eyes on the water while moving the tabs.


What is the difference between the STANDARD Actuator and the COMPACT Actuator?

The Standard Actuator has 1/4″ more travel than the Compact Actuator, leading to about 10% more tab articulation.  For that reason, the Standard Actuator is highly recommended whenever space allows.  If space is limited on your transom, the Compact Actuator allows you to still achieve the benefits of the tabs, just with slightly less range of movement.