about-usCurrently located in the heart of Central Minnesota, Powrtran has been providing boaters with high-end performance accessories for nearly 30 years. In 2012, the company was purchased by a new ownership group who brought with them a new vision and new attitude. The products were re-engineered and the modern Powrtran was born.

At Powrtran, we know how precious your time on the water is; that’s why we are committed to delivering the best possible experience whenever you’re out there. Our line of Marine products are designed with one principle in mind: “Elevate Your Boating Experience!”

In addition to quality, we believe in innovation, that’s why our products are the only ones on the market to use electromechanical technology. Why electromechanical? Hydraulic units can bleed down and leak. They also clutter up your boat with endless hoses and pumps, and require a steady power supply to keep their pressure up. Our specially designed marine-sealed electric motors and ballscrew actuators are built to lock where you set them–no bleed down or slippage. Our electromechanical systems also draw minimal power on your boat’s starter battery.

Our dedication to the boating industry has led us to partner with some of the top organizations in the world. We are members of the American Boating and Yachting Council, The National Marine Manufacturer’s Association, The Northwest Marine Trade Association and The National Professional Anglers Association. We are also major sponsors of the AIM Weekend Walleye Series and the Upper Midwest Bass Challenge Series.

So check out our products today, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and visit our YouTube channel to see how we can “Elevate Your Boating Experience!”

“The service was more than I could have asked for. Great guys who went above and beyond to get me back on the lake. Thanks again.” – Jeff B.