iTroll Throttle Control System

We are now an authorized re-seller of the iTroll Throttle Control System. iTroll has been the preferred throttle control system for our Python Steering System for over four years due to their durability, simplicity, and unparalleled features.

Here are iTroll’s INDUSTRY FIRST features:

  • FULLY Weatherproof Design
  • In – the – Field Unlockable Software Upgrades to add features & functions
  • 1000 Throttle positions
  • 32 Character, BACKLIT display for user friendliness
  • Last Idle Display – Allows you to reference the throttle setting where you caught the last fish!
  • “SCS” – Secondary cruising speed – Reinvents the function of the Max Speed button
  • DRAG Mode – Reinvents the function of the Idle / Run switch
  • Neutral Safety Feature – Prevents damaged gearboxes when controlling “T” Handle throttle motors
  • HUNT mode: Speed varying program. The “Deadliest Tool in Fishing”!
  • Adjustable Servo TRAVEL and ROTATION to allow compatibility with the greatest variety of motors.
  • Dual Motor Control Capable – Has the ability to control BOTH the kicker and MAIN motor on the same boat!
  • Has the ability to be used on MAIN motors (non-kicker)

Unlike other controllers, iTroll is the first that can transform in the field with unlockable software upgrades:

HUNT Mode: Runs speed sequences to take an ACTIVE role in your angling success! This is iTroll’s most innovative and revolutionary feature. iTroll is the only product that adds “action” to your baits that results in a better catch. Everything about HUNT is on this page!

Dual Motor: iTroll can control both the MAIN and Kicker motors of theĀ same boat!

There is only a SINGLE MODEL of iTroll that you configure to your exact needs. What this means to you is that you can NEVER have the wrong iTroll in your boat because EVERY feature listed aboveĀ is built into EVERY iTroll!

Fit Kit Guide

The Fit Kit contains the servo motor and hardware to allow it to operate your motor's throttle.
Find your motor below to get the correct Fit Kit with your iTroll.