Toon Kicker

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Introducing the brand new TOON KICKER Outboard Mount-the first outboard mount designed specifically for mounting a kicker motor to a pontoon deck.

Why mount a kicker motor to your pontoon?

  • Consume less fuel while cruising.
  • Have a backup in case something happens to your main motor.
  • Keeps hours low on your main motor.
  • Some lakes have operating horsepower restrictions.

But perhaps, the biggest reason of all, a kicker motor is perfect for trolling!


So click the link below to buy yours today.  Installation is super easy and the universal-fit design ensures the TOON KICKER is the right choice for any pontoon.

Will the TOON KICKER fit on my pontoon?

In almost all cases, yes.  We designed the TOON KICKER with multiple adjustment points and kept the mounting footprint as compact as possible.


Will the TOON KICKER work on a tritoon?

Absolutely.  The deck setups on tritoons are identical to those on pontoons and because our design does not require a bracing arm.  The bracket can be placed far enough away from the center toon that water passing through cannot catch the outboard and cause drag or spray.

Can my motor be trimmed up while installed on the TOON KICKER?

Yes.  The TOON KICKER Mount allows for full-range of motion in regards to trimming and tilting.


How do I control the kicker motor?

If you have a remote-model tiller, controls can be purchased direct from the manufacturer.  There are aftermarket kicker steering systems and tyhrottle controllers as well.  Check out our TAILFIN system here: TAILFIN


Why is the TOON KICKER not made out of stainless steel?

For added strength, without added weight, we chose to form the bracket out of regular steel.  We then, send the brackets out for a ceramic coating known as Cerakote®.  Cerakote is used heavily in the firarm industry for its durability, and protective qualities.  It bonds to the metal in such a way that rust and corrosion cannot penetrate.