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Why is the VOLTIX series electromechanical and not hydraulic like other jack plates?

Electromechanical actuators are cleaner with no messy fluids or hoses.  This also makes them more environmentally friendly.  They are also more precise than hydraulic units as electromechanical units will not bleed down.  That precision is what allows us to provide features that are not readily available in hydraulic jack plates such as Memory buttons and a manual override function.

Can I still use a wheel-mounted switch to control the jack plate?

Yes.  Our relay control module has a port for an auxiliary switch.  You will need an adapter– P/N 75015 to accomplish this.

Why do you not offer a 4” setback?

4” setback is a bit of a misnomer as there are no jack plates available with a true 4” setback.  Most are between 5”-5.5” due to the width of the material and still need enough space to accommodate the actuator.  Our setbacks are all true to the number and the 6” setback performs flawlessly in all cases where a 4” setback was used in the past.

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