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Powrtran: Elevate your boating experience!

At Powrtran we build better boat parts for better boat performance. Our product line consists of jack plates, power kicker steering units, power trim and tilt, brackets, boat accessories and service parts, all manufactured in the USA. Unlock your boats potential with performance boat parts from Powrtran. With advanced engineering, competitive prices, extended warranties, and years of experience, our boat parts are sure to bring your boating experience to the next level. Check out our marine products today!

“Customer service and attention to detail are the first two things that come to mind when it comes to Powrtran products. As a proud owner of a Powrtran jack plate, I can attest that these units perform as advertised and can stand up to the harshest conditions that a fishing season can offer.” – Justin S.

The Python requires a steering tube to operate. Does your motor have a steering tube?

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What length steering cable do you need for your switch assembly?

Would you like to add a wireless remote?

Would you like to add an extra wireless transmitter? (Base unit only has 1.)